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The New Vimax Pills Results Show : 95% Success Rate

Our clinicall study based on user report & feedback ( more than 10000 customers were randomly surveyed ) shows that not only Vimax has a remarkable satisfaction rate ( around 95% ) , it is also significantly changing the sex life of men all around the world .

To assess the positive effects men experience with regular Vimax Pills use we grouped our evaluation into 4 main categories : Erections , Sex Drive & Stamina , Performance & Control and Satisfaction & Pleasure .

*please note that we recommend you take Vimax Pills for a minimum period of 4 months before start experiencing full effects .

  • 85% of Men report harder Erections
  • 68% of Men report an Increase on Erection Length
  • 73% of Men report an Improvement on Erection Girth
  • 79% of Men report they need less time to fully engorge the penis ( full erections )
  • 88% of Men report an Increase in Libido
  • 74% of Men say that with Vimax they last longer in bed
  • 79% of Men report an Increase on frequency of erections throughout the day
  • 58% of Men report a greater ejaculation control
  • 82% of Men report better performance in bed
  • 91% of Men report more Intense Orgasms
  • 77% of Men report more Pleasure during sex
  • 87% of Men report that with Vimax they are more capable to satisfy their partner
Vimax Pills
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