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With New Vimax More Control & Better Performance

  • 58% of Men report a greater ejaculation control
  • 82% of Men report better performance in bed

how will my performance improve ?


In the first weeks you may notice that you have more control over your ejaculation .For maximum effect take Vimax 30 minutes before sex .

WEEKS 5-16

During the second and third months you may notice an improvement on your ability to perform for longer periods of time !


With continued Vimax use you will eliminate your premature ejaculation problems . If you want , last for hours without ejaculating !


On average women can take from 15-20 minutes to reach orgasm during intercourse , so if you are lasting less than that you may not be fully satisfying your partner ! Many men also feel ashamed when they can only last 1 or 2 minutes before ejaculation occurs.

perform like a star with vimax

Don't worry , Vimax has developed the most effective formula to help you last longer and prevent premature ejaculation from undermining your sexual life . Users that have taken Vimax for 4 months or more have reported a very positive increase in their ability to control ejaculations and 82% say they now perform better in bed !

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